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For those of you who want to embody their ideas in the cake
For those of you who dreams about high quality level of your work
Those who dreames about having clients with a delicate taste
Those who wants to become a trendsetter

AS A RESULT OF THE online-lessons YOU

You'll see the admiration of customers
You'll get the recognition of colleagues
You'll earn more
You'll approach the pastry world like art
You'll learn to find a source of inspiration in the surrounding, nature, interior elements or architectural structures
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Course created by

Inna Piterova — Executive Pastry Chef - over 11 years experience

Founder of his own confectionery brand
Prize-winner and current judge of regional confectionery competitions
Executive Pastry Chef of a chain of restaurants 2015—2017
Executive Pastry Che of the restaurant - confectionery (start from scratch) "Tulinov Dacha" 2019—2020
The county's top wedding cake Designer
Vice President of the Association of Culinary and Restaurateurs of the Chernozem Region (member of WACS)
Owner of her own studio pastry school
Teaching experience - 7 years
«Do you want to start doing differently? Get started! Only action will lead you to your dream!»


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    «Alumni of Le Cordon Bleu Paris, current Pastry Chef with over 10 years of experience»
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    Technical specialist



Color is the first thing you should start learning about textures. Without color theory, you cannot develop your taste. We have created a practical guide to color theory based on materials used by professional artists. It clearly and clearly explains how color works.
As a result of the online lesson:
  • You will learn the color theory taught in art schools
  • Understand how the color wheel works and how to use it
  • Explore color schemes and combinations

  • Do a practical task that will help you understand color mixing more
  • Get recommendations on the books you need for work and meetings with clients


The inspiration of this textures been a fixtures of Sander Bottinga.
As a result of this module:
  • you’ll get familiar with dark chocolate ganache
  • you’ll learn how to work with Isomalt sugar & stencil
  • will make easy and spectacular wafer paper decorations

  • learn the technique of tinting the coating
  • you’ll make it volumetric texture with it
  • beside that, you’ll learn to find inspiration in simple interior elements

Botanical bas-relief

The source of inspiration was the work of great designer Olivia Walker she is creating extraordinary ceramic vases and others interior details.
As a result of this module:
  • you’ll learn the techniques of creating an individual mold
  • you’ll learn how to cover a cake with a dark chocolate ganache
  • you’ll get to know my author’s recipe of plastic chocolate
  • you’ll learn how to work with chocolate "velvet"
  • you’ll make volumetric elements from plastic chocolate

  • you’ll master toning techniques of botanical bas-relief
  • you’ll learn how to make decorations from plastic chocolate
  • beside that you’ll learn to find sources of inspiration not only in work of other Pastry’s, but also in works of art by sculptors and painters

Watercolor abstraction

The source of inspiration served as works of painters in this technique on canvases from around the world. Author’s technique will allow depict a unique pattern on an edible cover.
As a result of this module:
  • you'll master original watercolour technique
  • you'll learn how to work with such a material as alcohol ink
  • you'll make a texture with white ganache

  • you'll create eatable peony rose and foliage
  • you'll learn to work with combination of colours. You'll learn all about color palette and composition

Nature element

The source of inspiration of this technique became several textures — bark, cracked earth, shattered stone, designer clothing Ying Gao.
As a result of this module:
  • you’ll create two textures on the base of Sugar Paste
  • you’ll learn how to make a flexible textured lace using recipe created by me
  • you’ll figure it out all the errors that you used to have working with rice paper

  • you’ll learn to make interesting textures out of rice paper
  • you’ll learn to find inspiration from nature to create extraordinary work


I been inspired by the nature, which is playing with us an incredible lines.
As result of this module:
  • you’ll work through the textures on a dark chocolate ganache
  • you’ll be able to make Nature elements eatabl

  • you’ll learn how to work with airbrush
  • beside that you’ll learn how to create a cake in incredible shape that all of your costumers will be in love with

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